Ashley Reinhold

Good day everyone, my name is Ashley Reinhold, I am 22 years old, and I am an Arizona native. I was raised in North Phoenix, I have a culinary arts degree from Johnson and Wales, and I own my own catering company. My grandfather was a head chef for 20 years, and his father before him was a restaurant owner and chief before that in New England, so it’s always been in the family blood.

I specialize in authentic German food but In my business, the customer comes first, and I still find a way to deliver what the customer wants. What I love most about my business is I can help some create that special day for someone with food. Something that is to their specific liking, taste, texture, presentation and Arizona is a great melting pot for that. There are many different cultures here, so it’s an exciting challenge at times. To me, that’s what makes Arizona such a great place to live.

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