Chris Harrell

My name is Chris Harrell, I am 47 years old, and I was born here in Arizona. To some that may be weird because Arizona is a transient state and there aren’t many native Arizonians left. I spent my high school years in California and then came back to Arizona, kind of like Steve Martin’s King Tut. I have been in construction most of my adult life, and I am thankful for the first opportunities given to me by Verde Building Corp, Holms and Sons, and Kaiser Construction. These companies and the individuals within are a large part of where I am today. 

I am a general contractor now, and I also subcontract my supervision out to other general contractors as well. I still maintain my KB-1 license which is a dual commercial and residential license here in Arizona. I enjoy subbing myself out to other contractors because it offers me an enormous degree of flexibility. I can hire on as an employee or assume the role of a subcontractor. For me, I enjoy the physicality of being a contractor. I feel delighted taking something from nothing to a completed, tangible entity. Whether that be a project, I am working on at home, restoring a classic automobile, or a twenty-acre construction project. I get my hands dirty; I work up a sweat and, in the end, I give myself a little pat on the back for a job well done. I couldn’t see myself cooped up in an office for eight hours a day, and I couldn’t see myself doing this type of work in any other state, it’s just my personality and personal preference.

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