Dana Gallagher

My name is Dana Gallagher, I am 38 years old, and I am what you call a career changer.  After retiring from a career as a mechanic, I entered the field of computer systems and IT. I am a student at Mesa Community College as well as the Chandler/Gilbert campus. One thing I feel needs to change in the state of Arizona is allowing those who are legally allowed to carry a firearm, the ability to carry concealed when they return to college. Again, this is for people who are 21 years of age and are not prohibited possessors.

I think that is something that needs to change not only here in Arizona, but across the country as well. Contrary to what has been said, and what some people are saying, good guys and gals do have the ability to stop lethal threats. I don’t feel you need to have a badge to be a good guy and be properly trained with a firearm and be one of the good guys. I know for me personally, sitting in class with other students, I wish I could be armed. I wish I had a means of protecting those other people around me. It’s not that I constantly think that I will have to engage with someone who is a threat but if that need were to arise, I know that I am trained to a proficiency level that I would be able to stop that lethal threat to others and in that process, save lives. So that is something that I feel we should take a serious look at.

We need to start fortifying our schools in general, but I think a great place to start in our college campuses. I believe that if we had law put in place that allowed for this, it would help to deter these things from happening.

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