My name is David, and I am a convicted felon. I have served more time in prison than I have out of prison. I am currently on parole and will be for two and a half more years.

While incarcerated, I completed my high school equivalency and took vocational training courses to become a maintenance mechanic on commercial vehicles. I also concentrated on classes to help me with my writing and vocabulary skills. Part of my release hinged on the fact that I was able to find work before I got out. I spent three months in a halfway house before I was able to rent my apartment. I was a little ashamed at first, still having to see a parole officer every week but now not so much. I’m hoping, after the first of the year, to take some courses at the community college.

I believe that will help me keep moving forward. Right now, what I want most, is to keep doing normal things like normal people do: meet someone and fall in love, go grocery shopping with that person, have a night out with friends, go to a company Christmas party, pay my taxes, you know, the normal stuff people do (as he chuckles). I was guilty of the crime I was accused of committing, I have never denied that but I have done my time, and I have paid my debt. I want to get on with my life and keep doing the right thing.

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