Emma Felts

Good day everyone, my name is Emma Felts, and I am 24 years old. I was born in Colorado and moved to Arizona when I was a child. I moved back to Colorado to join the military, and after I discharged, I moved back to Arizona. Being 24, I am in that grey area of generations: the tail end of the millennials and leading the pack of generation Z so to speak.

I find it alarming that the term “millennial,” has become more of a derogatory slur used to describe the supposed negative stereotypes of a group of people rather than a generational demographic. There is a percentage of people that feel that millennials are lazy, self-entitled, sensitive, and weak. That we walk around without a clue and no direction of where we are going. I work with a couple of people that believe all millennials are no good, that they are incapable of accomplishing anything significant and that is just not true. If you stop to think about it, it’s very similar to someone using disparaging remarks toward a person of color.

The assumptions may be different, but it is the same ideology. Oh, you’re a millennial, you must be this, this and that. Oh, you’re black, you must be this, that, and the other. Making these broad generalizations and assumptions is wrong, no matter what the context.

All millennials are not lazy, or unmotivated, or overly sensitive. Many of us have direction, we know who we are, where we are going, and we are proud to have served our country. Just because the media, mainstream and social alike, choose to highlight and profile the bad apples of our bunch, doesn’t mean each millennial lacks the aptitude to contribute to our society in a meaningful way.

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