My name is Erik. I am 23 years old and I am currently attending ASU. I am pursuing a degree in environmental science. This is my third year with an expected graduation date of May 2019. I am looking to use my degree to gain a job in OSHA compliance.

I work at a local gun shop, and it has taught me to appreciate the necessity of not deviating from federal law as well as strict safety regulations. I have a grandfather who was a chemist for Avon where he was required to follow strict safety standards as well as meticulous documentation guidelines. You could say that listening to him talk about the critical nature of this is what influenced my choice in career paths. Being one of the individuals responsible for safety training where I work, I feel I have done an exceptional job conveying the absolute and fundamental need to follow the rule of law and in-house safety practices. Whether that is the care and handling of a firearm, ensuring the paperwork is filled out correctly, and addressing customer safety needs whether they are inexperienced or skilled.

I’ve learned to take the utmost pride in knowing I make a difference when it comes to the safety of others. When I graduate, and after completing my OSHA certifications, I want to take what I have learned not only in college but on the job and translate that into a profession where I have the ability to help others maintain the strictest safety standards on their commercial or industrial job site, and through this process, teach them as well. I’m not looking to be a violation-writing fanatic, I would rather instruct and offer corrective solutions that properly address safety concerns. Knowing that I will do my part in keeping people from harm’s way will give me a lifetime of satisfaction.

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