Jamie Lee

My name is Jamie Lee, and I am an early childhood education specialist in Flagstaff, Arizona, and I am originally from Ohio. I started out in Peebles and then moved to Fostoria, both of which are tiny towns where everyone knows everybody, and then I relocated to Flagstaff, and I do not even know my neighbors. Let alone the people down the street or across tow. It has been a culture shock, to say the least.

My graduating class was twenty-three, here, it’s graduating classes of hundreds. My class was close-knit, we knew each other, we were good friends. We knew each other’s problem, and what we were going through, so we had empathy for each other. My oldest niece attends high school here in Flagstaff, and she doesn’t even know some of the people in her class. I would say that I miss that sense of community the most. To me, Flagstaff is enormous, comparatively though, people that live in Flagstaff, feel it’s a small town. I do enjoy the diversity that Flagstaff offers, for me, there has been a tremendous amount to experience. The different cultures, races, points of views, things I wouldn’t have the opportunity to discover in a small, mid-west town of twelve thousand. Here, different mindsets and philosophies coexist without mass hysteria which I feel is beautiful.

I look at Flagstaff as a vast melting pot. I know in the next five years I’ll move back home. I would enjoy sharing my experiences with everyone, the emotions and that acceptance that I have enjoyed living here in Flagstaff. Most people back home would never have the opportunity to experience that, so If I could share that with them, I would be happy.

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