Johnathan Moore

I am originally from Gary, Indiana but moved to Arizona from Chicago, Illinois. Gary and Chicago are relatively on the liberal end of the spectrum. I’m sure you could look at statistics from the last election and see that Arizona is becoming more purple and by that, I mean a more balanced mix of liberal and conservative, democrat and republican, whichever terms you choose to use. If you look at how the districts are drawn, the state legislative districts, it is easy to then pinpoint the pockets of areas that would be liberal or conservative. So, I would say that there is potential shift on the horizon but I can’t really say that over the ten years I have lived here the state has gotten more liberal, making that shift from conservative.”

“I feel mass transit is fundamental for any major city in terms of growth and helping people access different areas of the city in the way of job growth, diversity of perspective and also reality. So, when I look at a city such as Phoenix, that has such great potential, I am happy that the light rail is starting to expand and develop. I live on the south side and I have heard rumor that they are looking to expand south of the downtown area along Central to Baseline which I think is great. When you look at any metropolitan city looking to expand and you consider the ability to access employment, the ability to access culture, and the ability to improve the quality of life, I believe mass transportation is fundamental. There may be areas that I cannot afford to live in but mass transit offers that opportunity to experience other areas and enjoy what they have to offer. Whether that is shopping, dining, culture or art a strong mass transit system gives me the ability to enjoy those aspects. Coming from Chicago where the transit system was tantamount to daily living for everyone, I am happy and excited to see the growth and investment Phoenix has made.”

“You cannot recycle fashion.”

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