Juliana Panqueva

I have lived in Arizona for 6 years and in the United States from twelve. I am originally from Columbia. I came here as an international student after graduating college in Columbia. I came to Arizona from Portland, Oregon in 2011 with my husband who works for intel. I was afraid to come to Arizona because of SB1070. Though I was a legal resident, I was afraid of being profiled. You hear all kinds of things and I was afraid. My husband assured me that everything would be okay and everything would be okay and it has been. It has been wonderful. I love Arizona.

Since I have been in Arizona I have received my citizenship. The immigration process is very long. When I originally came here I was on a F1 visa because I was a student. When I got married, I changed my status to a temporary resident. There was a lot of paperwork to submit. After that, I became a permanent resident. After that, there was more paperwork to apply for my citizenship. During this time, I had my first son. Then I went to interview with an immigration officer, he was a very kind man. He gave me a book that I needed to study about the history of the United States. My coworkers helped me study for this test every day. I was very nervous because I wanted to pass. The day came in September of 2015, I took and passed my test and I was sworn in that month. I was so happy that I didn’t have to worry about my status and I was proud that I was a citizen. My friends from work came to the ceremony.

I have another son now, a great job and great friends, I love Arizona. Arizona has been very good to me and my family and I look forward to staying here.

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