Sas Jakeo-singer

Sas Jakeo-singer I have lived in Arizona consistently since 2010. I am a military brat and my grandparents retired here in 1985 and I had been spending my summers here since 1986. I was used to the triple digit heat of the summers so I didn’t mind coming back to Arizona. I have worked for the Arizona Department of Education in the early childhood development unit for two years now. The biggest change I have noticed from a child visiting in the summer to living here as an adult is how much the city of Phoenix has expanded.

Phoenix offers a tremendous amount of services for people but not everyone knows about them. The challenge is how do we get the community to know about these services and tap into them. I am a part of the Arizona military coalition for families which provides services for veterans and veteran’s families as well. These are not exclusive to enlisted personnel but for retirees as well. These services include education, childcare, disability services and healthcare. This group is the go to people and will veterans with whatever they need. This group is exclusive to Arizona.

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