Tristen Soto

My Name is Tristen and I am 17 years old. What bothers me these days, among other things, is the instant gratification mentality that our society has developed. Maybe I notice more than most because I am in the computer and mobile industry, but it is definitely and issue. Kids and adults are used to having whatever they want with one or two clicks. It’s on their desks and in their hands, click, it’s there, right away. Oh, that’s not good enough, click, there’s something new. Oh, I’m bored, click, there’s something different. I really believe it’s created new and different issues than what we, as a country have had in the past. Kids becoming adults don’t wait, or want to wait, or work for anything anymore.

College, people take out massive loans instead of working and slowly completing their education. This car isn’t good enough anymore, I’ll get another loan, add more debit and get a new one. My house isn’t good enough anymore, I’ll sell it and buy a more expensive one.  It’s such an enormous lack of discipline. But we also have to look at where they learned this from and that’s where parenting comes in. Good parenting is critical if this is going is going to stop. Think about how much different things could be if parents didn’t turn to an iPad to do their it for them. I see it all the time with the millennials and my generation. And now that some of these millennials are having kids of their own, I see it in them too. No one wants to wait for anything anymore. It has to be now, and it has to better than the last one or the one that someone else has. It’s really sad.  I hope people who read this don’t assume just because of my age I can’t have an informed opinion. I am intelligent enough to observe the events and people around me. I read the news and do my best to stay current with the present happenings. How do you think I came to this opinion?

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