Zackery Luke

“I am 24 years old and I am a personal banker. I am a continuing student pursuing a degree in finance.”

“I think there is a lot of opportunity in Arizona. I feel the people here are really kind compared to some of the other states I have been to and I think that’s really good. There are many sub communities within the state. One thing I enjoy, from an experience standpoint, is all the snowbirds that come. There is a large knowledge pool that collects here annually. I feel that provides a great insight to other people from around the country and I think it is something that we should utilize more.”

“We are not doing to well as a state compared to the rest of the country from an educational ranking. Our teachers are paid poorly so maybe we could increase their salaries to promote more people wanting to be teachers. At least when I was in in grade school and high school there were a lot of teachers that it was just a job, they were not passionate about it. I don’t know if that is a direct reflection on their income or if they just fell into the wrong job. I can say definitely say the teachers that were focused on their careers and enjoyed it and cared for the kids made a huge impact on my life. Just having the same teacher in 8th grade that my mom had, he took a special interest in me and I thought that was really cool. My college adviser is the husband of my mom’s 6th grade teacher so that is really cool. To see the ones that do stick around and the ones that do care for the kids and really take an interest. I would like to see more of that.”

“I’m concerned, now that my daughter is starting school, that administrations and school boards are cutting classes for music and art appreciation. Obviously reading, writing and math skills are important but I feel that music and art help kids develop as well. So, I think cutting those different courses will only hurt the kids. They are really important in creating a well-balanced mind. Even Thomas Edison created a lightbulb out of peanut butter just to use the other half of his brain and give himself a new perspective and create a new approach to inventing something. So, I feel having a well-balanced mind while going to school promotes better learning.”

“May the force be with you.”

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